PowerTap Provides Update on Implementing Innovative Engineering Solutions to Drive Down the Cost Of 1 Kg of Blue Hydrogen at The Dispenser

May 24, 2021


VANCOUVER, British Columbia and Irvine, California, May 25, 2021 – Clean Power Capital Corp. (NEO: MOVE)(FWB: 2K6)(OTC: MOTNF) (“Clean Power” or the “Company” or “MOVE”). Clean Power Capital is pleased to provide details regarding the innovative engineering solutions PowerTap is implementing to reduce the cost of producing a kilogram of hydrogen with its Gen3 unit.

There are two general areas in which PowerTap is reducing production costs: 1) input costs; and 2) maintenance/downtime of the PowerTap Gen3 through innovative technology and engineering methods. Regarding the cost of inputs to the system, the three inputs into the system are electricity, renewable natural gas and water.

Input Cost Reduction


PowerTap is reducing the cost of electricity in three ways – 1) incorporating electrochemical compression in system design replacing larger asymmetrical compressors that draw significantly more power; 2) reducing compression cycles to maintain 875 bar (approx. 12,700 psi) of dispensing pressure by reinventing legacy, gas-based compressed and cascaded solutions and by not implementing liquid storage solutions; and 3) implementing fuel cell technology to use excess hydrogen production to provide electrical power.

Renewable natural gas (RNG)

The design features PowerTap uses to reduce the consumption of renewable natural gas include – 1) utilizing excess CO2 to purge the system on startup in place of natural gas or nitrogen; 2) increasing the reactor’s natural gas input pressure by utilizing specialized rotary displacement pumps; and 3) recycling exhaust gas and uncaptured hydrogen from the pressure swing absorption (PSA) towers reducing the amount of RNG needed to heat the reactor’s burners.

Fresh water

The design features that reduce the consumption of fresh water include – 1) improvements to PowerTap’s water purification system and water storage solution; 2) improvements to our water expansion tanks to enable the recycling of water in the system; and 3) improvements in steam generation and injector designs.

Maintenance Cost and Downtime Reduction

In terms of reducing maintenance costs and downtime, PowerTap has implemented a number of design innovations, including – 1) incorporation of electrochemical compression versus asymmetrical compressors, which dramatically reduces maintenance costs by eliminating moving parts that require preventive maintenance and  lubrication and increased corrective maintenance; 2) incorporation of a reactor tube design and catalyst composition that extends the life of the tubes and reduces periodicity of the catalyst replacement from annually to less than once every eight (8) years; 3)  making design improvements that reduce the reactor internal temperatures to below 800 C, thereby extending the life of the tubes; and 4) implementation of a double redundancy design providing two independent production systems each capable of producing 625 kg of hydrogen per day, thus reducing downtime due to maintenance or system failure.

The implementation of these innovative design changes in the PowerTap Gen3 reduces the cost of goods of hydrogen production by up to 50%; reduces maintenance cost by almost 75%; and reduces down time by 50%.

“PowerTap’s center focus is to design an on-site hydrogen production and fueling system that drives the cost of hydrogen used for consumer and commercial transportation down to the gallon-of-gasoline equivalent. This is a critical goal to obtain large-scale adoption of hydrogen by commercial carriers and the public”, said Kelley Owen, PowerTap’s Chief Operating Officer.


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